Re: Possible bug in socketmodule.c
Sun, 12 Jun 1994 17:39:49 +0200

> In Modules/socketmodule.c in the sock_listen function, I found:
> if (backlog < 1)
> backlog == 1;
> Is that a bug?

Yes. Thanks for finding it. I thought I'd fixed it but apparently
made an infamous type :-(

> And also by compiling the Modules directory with the -Wall option of
> EMX/GCC under OS/2 I get a bunch of warnings, mostly harmless, but some say
> something like "function returns void in a non-void-return-type function",
> are these warning a problem?

Can't tell unless you mail me the output (please not to the entire
list). I suspect they aren't problems but should be fixed

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