Re: More Tkinter questions

Ray Johnson (
Wed, 8 Jun 94 16:59:49 GMT

In article <> writes:
>> The Tk `send' command is a very ugly hack. I'd hate to see it used
>> in Python.
>Why is it an ugly hack? It seems a very neat way to control one
>application from another. Only problem I've seen with it so far is
>that after a while "winfo interps" (used by the rmt demo e.g.) seems
>to return a number of ghosts (names of applications that have long

It is also a major security hole. You also are limited to communicating
with other X based machines. A Tcp/Ip based implementation is a much
better choice. Since Tk is ported to python, maybe someone can port
Tcl-DP to python as well?


Ray Johnson
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