Re: Python and OS/2 2.x

Simon Johnston (
Thu, 2 Jun 1994 10:39:51 GMT

Simon Johnston ( wrote:
: Farzad Farid ( wrote:
: : Has Python been ported to OS/2 2.x or is someone currently doing a port?

: I'm on the case, I'll keep the group notified.

And its now complete, I will pass a zip file up to, and to, this will contain the following:

python.exe - 32 bit OS2 program using the EMX 0.8h compiler.
Makefile - very small, dumb makefile.
config.h - general defines (including some new ones)
Parser/Makefile - very hacked makefile.
Objects/Makefile - ditto.
Python/Makefile - ditto.
Modules/Makefile - ditto.
Modules/posixmodule.c - remove some options.
Modules/pwdmodule.c - ditto.
Modules/socketmodule.c - ditto.
Modules/config.c - ditto.

These files can be overlaid onto the standard source tree (1.0.2) and then
run the build.cmd file. I have tried using the configure script bu the shell
I have for OS2 really doesnt like the scripts.

I havent included any other source/library files so as to keep the size down.

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