Re: New Syntax -- with an implementation

Mark Lutz (lutz@KaPRE.COM)
Wed, 1 Jun 94 17:28:46 MDT

> m> The only way to make progress in a field like this is to try new
> m> things.
> Well I am glad to see that you have an open mind.

Gang; in a private email, someone else suggested that I'm the one
whose resisting change, by opposing the new syntax. Before I get
a flood of flame postings along thus line, let me make this point

Yes, I'm resisting change; except that I'm resisting a change that
would introduce _old_ ideas into Python (block delimeters), in favor
of retaining one of its _new_ features (indentation). Viewing this
as conservative is twisting the logic-- 'change' can go 2 ways,
forward and back, and I'm against a change that would set us _back_
(imho) a few steps, relative to current language practice.

This misinterpretation is really indicative of my whole point:
change is not an end in itself. It's not inherently good to change
a language, unless you've got good evidence that doing so will
actually advance it. If you do, more power to you. But if the
change negates new, good ideas, you better have VERY good cause.

Mark L.