vpApp status?

Harri Pasanen (pa@tekla.fi)
01 Jun 1994 12:53:14 GMT


A while ago there was a lot of discussion about vpApp's status. I
think that the consensus was that it worked well for SGI machines, but
for other environments there were problems remaining. Suggestion was,
that most problems were in the underlying motif/X interface, not with
vpApp itself, which is python code only.

I tried it myself with Sparcstation 10, Solaris2, X11R5, Motif 1.2 with
a partial success. Most small test programs worked, but the larger
programs did not. For example, the FileViewer.py refused to show any
filenames in the file selection box, but if I hand-entered the
filename, it then loaded it ok for viewing. Also, cursor was missing in
the file selection box.

SketcherTest.py failed in many ways, once even killing my NCD
terminal's XServer in the process.

My question is, is somebody actively developing python/X11/vpApp
modules? I can help in testing the improvements under Solaris,
unfortunately I can't promise making any fixes myself.



Harri Pasanen		pa@tekla.fi