Re: STDWIN support

Stephane I. Matis (petergun@kgnome.uucp)
Wed, 1 Jun 1994 04:26:26 GMT

Stephane I. Matis (petergun@kgnome.uucp) wrote:
: I am a little confused abou the STDWIN support in Python. I just
: compiled it on my NeXT and have been trying to see what the
: integration requires. Any documentation ?

: BTW, I'm very pleased how easy the who compilation went ... and that I
: can use the 'alfa' mode for Tetris ! :) Any chance of making use of
: the "new curses" library instead of termcap ? Using 'lynx' with
: ncruses is much better.

: Finally, anyone adapted the STDWIN to NEXTSTEP ? Just curious.

I'm following this up myself because I have not received any answers.
So please, if you haven't seen this topic, could you give little help.
Thank You.

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