WWW clients/severs in python

D J Wilkinson (D.J.Wilkinson@durham.ac.uk)
27 May 1994 14:05:44 GMT

I'm very new to python. I just compiled it about a week ago, and so am
still learning the ropes. Sorry to interupt the fascinating discussion
on the python syntax. While we're on the subject, I will just say that
I quite like the syntax meaning of white space. It makes code very
uncluttered and readable. But feel free to ignore me, 'cos I probably
don't know what I'm talking about. What I will say, is that my first
impressions of python are very positive, and that I hope to use it a
lot in the future.

I am particularly interested in the string manipulation and the sockets
library. I wondered if anyone has written any _simple_ www clients/servers
which I could download and have a look at, since that is what I am most
interested in.

Thanks in advance,


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