Re: [ANNOUNCE]: Draft Proposal for New Python Syntax

Stephane I. Matis (petergun@kgnome.uucp)
Fri, 27 May 1994 01:19:51 GMT

Thsi thread is getting immense and I can't remember where I saw the
compaint about making Python into the "macro" language for a
spreadshest. The author went on saying that without another method of
delimitation, the language wasn't suitable.

Well, you may have a specific requirement for "in-cell" editing, but I
for one recomend "equiation block" editing found in Lotus Improv. The
concept that the cells contain all the information is outdated IMHO.
I know that users are habituated by it, but I also know that the
clearest spreadsheets I have seen were in Improv 2.0.

Oh, just for reference, I worked 3.5 years as pc-network-mainframe
support. Among other things, spreadsheets that had the same formula
in a billion cells was a major problem. With 're-use' in Improv, the
problems simply vanished.

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