Re: [RFC] Draft Proposal for New Python Syntax

Ken Manheimer (
Thu, 26 May 94 17:06:41 EDT

Tim Peters writes:
> As a self-confessed Lisp'er, you're going to find that Python's form of
> lambda is _very_ limited. But I bet it won't bother you once you get
> comfortable enough to use Python for writing Python <wink>.

Actually, the fact that it has anonymous lambdas, and now a
substantial contingent of map functions, is thrilling. (Isn't that
sick?-) Imagine, python functions are real first class objects, in a
*scripting* language! Too cool. All that, plus *lexical scoping*,
and a simple object system!

> BTW, most Emacs users aren't aware of its `C-x $' command (`set-
> selective-display'). It's very handy in Python, _because_ of the
> indentation-based syntax. Give it a try! Great way to get a quick
> overview of the classes & methods in a module.

Ah, very cool. I'm big on outline structuring and detail suppression
for code - wrote allout.el, designed to mix outline structuring in any
context, particularly that of program code. I use it all the time,
but may not need it as much for use with python code.