Re: [RFC] Draft Proposal for New Python Syntax

Wittenberger (
26 May 1994 11:10:34 +0200

In article <> "Steven Miale" <> writes:

Steven Miale wrote:
> Right now, each compound statement (def, for, etc.) is followed by a ':'.
> This would be the same *if* the user wanted indentation to control blocks.
> If they wanted to be explicit, then they would use '{' instead of the
> colon and use the corresponding '}' to end the block. This would also
> force them to use semicolons after non-compound statements.
> In other words, using the brace instead of the colon would let you
> use the proposed syntax changes. Using a colon would let you use the
> old-style syntax.

My $0.02:

I think *that* would be the way it goes.

BTW: I read the group and I like the Ideas of python.
I would like python to be the standard shell of a planned system.
But I don't use python much!
The problems I expect from the indented Syntax are annoying.

If there'll be a day, when the syntax changes in Steven's way -
tha'll be the day I'll really use python.


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