Re: [RFC] Draft Proposal for New Python Syntax

Gary Capell (
26 May 1994 00:41:32 +1000 writes:
> Instead of '{' and '}' being used (this looks too much like C),
>why not something like '<|' and '|>' or ':;' and ';:'
>Thus a block would like like:

>if a <|
> b = 'This is a test'
> c = 'What else can we do?'
> |>


>if a :;
> b = 'This is a test'
> c = 'This is a test'
> ;:

BECAUSE the blocks would look like that, i.e. terrible (imho)

>I also HATE the idea of needing ';' at the end of lines..
>(mentioned below)
>Again, This is PYTHON, NOT *C*. Stop trying to make it into C.

I don't want Python to become C either, but I don't think it will,
and I think '{' and '}' look a hell of a lot better than '<|' or
':;' or indeed any other two-character combo.

Take good ideas wherever you can (morally).

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