Re: Automated indentation

Tim Peters (
Wed, 11 May 94 21:58:28 -0400

Various people write at cross-purposes:

> [talk about python generated by other programs]
> ...
> If the indentation can be automated then the indent program can simply
> be inserted in the Makefile.

But then the "indent program" could easily remove the "end" brackets too!
I.e., if _that's_ the problem, you don't need Python's help to solve it.

For those talking about how great it will be if a mistyped tab no longer
ruins the program, the last proposal I saw still required correct
indentation on input. Ditto for those talking about entering unindented
Python in text widgets. If _those_ are the problems you're trying to
solve, the current proposals are inadequate.

Those who want this stuff need to identify the problems they're trying to
solve and propose something that actually addresses them <wink>. You
also need to decide what this means under your proposal:

if a == 1:
if b == 2:
print 'x'
print 5

If you're not going to claim it's an error, then you might explain why
you're making "misplaced tab" and "don't need to manually indent in text
widgets" arguments you don't actually believe <frown>. If you do claim
it's an error, precisely what are the rules you're proposing?

suggesting-that-solving-it-wrong-is-worse-than-leaving-it-alone-ly y'rs
- tim

Tim Peters
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