Re: Automated indentation

Chris Hoffmann (
Wed, 11 May 94 11:48:45 EDT

Another point. This also assumes that Python programmers have
python-mode.el available. Not everyone has emacs. Believe it or not,
other people actually refuse to use emacs even when it is available
(poor misguided souls...).

What I'm most concerned about at the moment are applications where
people type fragments of Python code into dialogs that are implemented
with stupid text-entry "widgets". With the optional "end" delimiters
the user can be somewhat sloppy about indentation. Without it, he or
she is forced to do a lot of reindenting, possibly without even the
minimal sort of reformatting support that "vi" provides. I don't think
that will be very popular.

I'm not just making this example up to be perverse. I really do have
some tools I'd like to create where I want the user to enter Python
bits into a Motif widget.


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