Problem converting docs to info format

Skip Montanaro (
Mon, 9 May 1994 23:47:44 GMT

It's me again...

I'd like to view the Python documentation as info files, but I'm having some
trouble with the python command that builds the texinfo file. When I execute
"make" I get:

python -o @lib.texi `whichlibs`
python: illegal option -- o
usage: python [-d] [-i] [-u ] [-v] [-c cmd | file | -] [arg] ...

Options and arguments (and corresponding environment variables):

The FAQ has the following Q&A:

The python interpreter complains about options passed to a script (after
the script name).

A. You are probably linking with GNU getopt, e.g. through
-liberty. Don't. (If you are using this because you link with
-lreadline, use the readline distributed with Python instead.)

I ran configure with --with-readline=/home/skip/python-1.0.2/readline which
caused LIBS in Python/Makefile to be set to:

LIBS= -L/home/skip/src/python-1.0.2/readline -lreadline -ltermcap

I couldn't find any references to -liberty or getopt in the Makefile, nor
are there any references to -liberty or getopt on the link line generated by
make, so I sort of think I'm doing things right, but obviously I'm missing

(I can't see what the different version of readline buys me vis a vis
getopt. There are no references to getopt in the readline source.)

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