Re: Automated indentation

Marc Wachowitz (
7 May 1994 12:35:48 GMT

George Reynolds ( wrote:
> Suggestion:
> 1. Optionally allow replacement of the ':' after control
> statements with 'do' (or another reasonable word)
> 2. If 'do' is used insted of ':' the statement block is
> terminated with 'end <keyword>' indented at the level of
> the control word.
> 3. Not indenting the delimited block would yield a syntax error.

I second that proposal. Though I haven't looked at the parser code, I
guess it wouldn't be an extremely difficult change, and it's surely a
win in terms of maintainability. After all, the current style "fixes"
mistakes with "indentation should match semantics" by silently taking
intentation errors (likely to be lack of attention rather than intent
of delusion ;-) as the true meaning of the code. I.e. the bug is just
declared to be a feature ...

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