Re: python strings ( function func_doc strings )

Jaap Vermeulen (
Tue, 03 May 94 10:53:00 PDT

| I agree. It WAS a feature. I was very fond of it. I always thought
| that it was nice to make people think a little harder about whether
| they really WANT to return anything from a function or not, and then
| to make the user of the function think a little harder about whether
| they want to ignore such a result that the function cared enough about
| to return it.

Are you keeping the '-k' flag, though? Seems a nice 'linting' like flag for
the anal-retentive programmer who happens to care about return values... :-)

| thorough dislike of it. Like it or not, I do at least PART of the
| current development in Python in order to reduce the stream of
| complaints flowing into my mailbox...

Whole-sale buy-out... :-o ... :-)