Re: classes vs. modules vs. types

Skip Montanaro (
Tue, 3 May 1994 02:16:42 GMT

I wrote:

I'm just getting started with Python and am wondering what distinctions, if
any, there are between modules, classes, and built-in types. I'm interested
in understanding how I might integrate C++ classes into Python. To add some
concreteness to my problem, suppose I have a simple C++ class hierarchy:


Based upon a couple of the replies I've gotten, it's obvious I was not clear
in stating my question. I've got a small C++ class hierarchy. I'd like to
wrap it into Python, not rewrite it in Python. Presumably, if I can learn
how to incorporate this small class hierarchy into Python I could do it with
larger, more interesting ones.

Are there any examples out there of people writing Python classes *in C*?
That would give me some idea of what would be involved when wrapping C++
classes. Steven Majewski seemed to think nobody has written full-blown
classes in C.


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