Re: kibo vs. rexx

brent jackson (
27 Apr 1994 20:04:55 GMT

...thus spake Steven D. Majewski
through the avatar
\\ >>> { 'spam':'spam', 'spam':'spam', 'spam':'spam' }
\\ {'spam': 'spam'}
\\ >>>
\\ And *WHY* are we only limited to a SINGLE serving of SPAM!!!!!
\\ Is this some strange side-effect of using hash tables to store
\\ spam tables ?

we at s.p.a.m. strongly believe that there should be a spam in every
pot. but not a pam in every spot, because spot is not allowed, he's
only a dog. in fact in future releases of python (henceforth to be
called "spamathon") we plan to do away with archaic technology such
as hash tables, in favour of the far more versatile and user friendly
spam tins. if it can hold spam, it can hold anything!