Re: python strings

Jim Roskind (
Mon, 25 Apr 1994 13:44:57 -0700

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> [concatenation of adjacent string literals as in C]
> I sort of like compatibility with C at the lexical level as an esthetical
> goal too.
> But if more people think it's bad, I'll rethink it -- after all it was
> only a ten-line change or so.

I've silently [relative to this list] sat back and enjoyed the fact
that you made this change. I think it will improve readability, and I
know this is the case for my code. Until I see a readable proposal
(re: not messing up indentation), I don't see triple quotes as a
competitor in any way.

With regard to Tim's complaint about the apparent conflict with triple
quotes, the use of the max-munch rule (i.e., read in the largest
possible token) in lexical analysis seems very common, and I don't
think there is any confusion in the minds of readers on this topic.

IMHO, Some of the stranger proposals, involving definition of terminal
keywords (I read this as "context sensitive parsing"), or odd side
effects of doing "S = S", do seem pretty antithetical to good language