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Donald Beaudry (
Mon, 25 Apr 94 12:07:01 EDT

>>>>> On Mon, 25 Apr 1994 17:31:59 +0200, said:

> [me]
> More specifically, I think that it would be nice if None was also a
> sequence of length zero. I have written code that usually returns a
> list but often the list is empty. In this case, I would rather just
> return None, but doing so requires that the caller check for this
> special case before iterating over the result. If None was a sequence
> of length zero, this would not be a problem. Following this
> reasoning, it would also make sense if None was a mapping of length
> zero.

g> In the tradition of the Python mailing list, if your name is not
g> Guido, proposals to change the language have to be accompanied by
g> examples of code that would benefit from the proposed feature.
g> Furthermore, if you are proposing an efficiency hack, you will have to
g> show profiling information that proves the need for the hack.

Well, I guess you told me :)

But seriously, I did not view this as a proposal. Think of it more
like a search for others who might be thinking like me.

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