Yet more python & X Windows
Wed, 20 Apr 94 16:20:09 -0400

For those of you who have not yet found a X interface you love, or who
wanted to see TkPython.. You can now have STk+Python. STk is variant
of TclTk, where Scheme has replaced Tcl as the visible callback
language. I have written an interface that allows python to be called
from the STk scheme interpreter. I am working on getting a dynamically
loadable version, as STk supports dynamic loading, at least under
SunOS 4.1.x, but Python isnt being very friendly.

Guido, how about having the 1.0.2 python build generate shared
libraries also?

Some level of this python support should be in the next release of STk,
but for the moment I have implemented three functions:

(python-init) ; Initializes python.. this would go away in a dynamic
; loading version.. (if you loaded it, you obviously
; want to use it: (require "python") )

(python "import foo;a =") ; Executes a python command
(set! a (python-value "__main__" "a")) ; Extracts a value from python,
; and converts types where
; possible.

STk comes with OO and non OO variants of Scheme and Tk.

IF anyone is interested, send me mail and Ill send the modifications
to STk for Python.

STk is available from

(How can you not want to be able to use Tk, Scheme, C, C++, and Python
at the same time?)

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