Re: Why are intepreters so slow today

Jeff Cantwell (
Tue, 19 Apr 1994 15:15:39 GMT

In article <> (Chris Winemiller) writes:

>I tried this on my machine, and also tried the equivalent code in
>Smalltalk/V for Win32:
>x := 0.0.
>1000000 timesRepeat: [x := x + 1.0]
>The C version, running in a DOS window under Windows 3.1, executed in
>about 4 seconds. The Smalltalk code ran in 14 seconds. That's a factor
>of between 1/3 and 1/4 the speed of the C version---Certainly within
>your criterion of 1/10.

Just out of curiosity, what machine do you have? I ran this on my 66
Mhz 486 and it ran in 4 seconds using PP VW 1.0b.


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