Re: Multi-line string extension
Sat, 16 Apr 94 19:56:30 -0400

>> my_str = "I had a big error message to put here, " \
>> + "and it didn't all fit cleanly on one line"
>> Note that this approach does not require a language extension, but
>> does require a Python compiler optimization (which is a little harder
>> to quickly code).
>> As I said, I could argue either way, and perchance the latter approach
>> would win :-(.
>> Jim

I would definitely have to favor the compile-time optimization. This
would be able to benefit the code that already exists, which is always
good. Also though, since it should be done anyway, (why not?), there
is little to be gained from having an explicit syntax for it.

a = "Several" + " long" + " strings"
should be optimized regardless of the existance or non-existance of
a = "Several" " long" " strings"

:( Besides.. the speed with which a language change can be made is not
much reccomendation, as the various bracketing extentions show. :)

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