Re: What are the relative advantages of Python and Tcl?

Bill Janssen (
Tue, 12 Apr 1994 15:55:11 PDT

Excerpts from ext.python: 12-Apr-94 Re: What are the relative a.. Marc
Wachowitz@ipx2.rz.u (1138)

> If you need both syntax extensions and complicated programs / data structures,
> you might as well try elk,

Yes, I can second that recommendation. Nicely done, easy to extend and
imbed. Not as powerful and featureful as Python, but a good solid
extended scheme.

>From the announcement:

Release 2.0 of Elk, the Extension Language Kit, is now available.

Elk is a Scheme interpreter intended to be used as a general, reusable
extension language subsystem for integration into existing and future
applications. Elk can also be used as a stand-alone implementation of
the Scheme programming language.

Elk supports several additional language features to increase its
usability as an extension language, among them dynamic, incremental
loading of object files and `freezing' of a fully customized application
into a new executable file (`dump').

[ ... stuff deleted ... ]

Elk is now easily usable with ANSI C and C++ (as well as with pre-ANSI C).

[ ... more stuff deleted ... ]

Elk release 2.0 can be obtained via anonymous FTP from (pub/elk/elk-2.0.tar.Z), and from