Embedded python in MS-Windows?

Harri Pasanen (pa@tekla.fi)
12 Apr 1994 07:14:10 GMT


Is there a way embed python in MS-Windows C++ program?

If I'm correct, embedding requires recompilation of python but the dos
versions are pre-built executables.

Normally I use python on Linux (it compiles without any modification
and reports All Tests OK). I'd like to do a statistical analysis
program for a friend using python + WxWin GUI. My goal is to develop
on Linux and port to MS-Windows so that my non-Linux using friend can
use it. WxWin provides portability over Motif, Xview, Windows and
Windows NT, and is free. I'd like to interface python with WxWin, but
the lack of dos makefiles makes me wonder.

Any pointers?


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