Re: bug-fix for NEW_OBJECT module (is now new module)

Steven D. Majewski (
Mon, 11 Apr 1994 13:39:50 -0400

I now have a working but rudimentary Python py-code assembler.

It is intended for experimental purposes only. Since I now sort
of expect the experiments to confirm a negative expectation, I
don't know if I will invest much more effort in adding the proper
symbolic bells and whistles - but if anyone else has a need for
it, I may reconsider.

I'm also looking for suggestions for test code:
I would like to time a naive implementation, one or more source
code optimized versions ( taking advantage of fast locals and
avoiding name lookups in loops, etc. ) and a "tweaked" assembler
version. I'm looking for something more interesting than fib()
or fac() functions, but not TOO complex. If it can be claimed
that the code represents some very typical python operation, all
the better!

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