Re: stdwin distribution

Sjoerd Mullender (
Fri, 08 Apr 1994 17:38:59 +0200

On Thu, Apr 7 1994 NeoSwami wrote:

> I am not able to download stdwin distribution from
> It sez permission denied.

That's strange. I checked the permissions on the files and
directories and they all seem to be correct. I haven't heard any
other complaints about this.

> I'd also like to know the level of support python has
> for motif.

There are some modules for motif support. Not everything in the Motif
library is supported, and the interfaces are not all perfect, but it
is certainly possible to write motif applications in python.

Here is a tiny example that works:

import sys, Xt, Xm

def Quit(w, client_data, call_data):

def Pressme(w, client_data, call_data):
print 'Thankyou!'

def main():
toplevel = Xt.Initialize('XRowColumn', [], sys.argv)
rowcolumn = toplevel.CreateManagedWidget('rowcolumn', Xm.RowColumn, {})
quit = rowcolumn.CreateManagedWidget('quit', Xm.PushButton, {})
pressme = rowcolumn.CreateManagedWidget('pressme', Xm.PushButton, {})
quit.AddCallback('activateCallback', Quit, 0)
pressme.AddCallback('activateCallback', Pressme, 0)


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