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Mon, 4 Apr 94 17:05:02 +0200


I have installed PYTHON in my PC. It's nice.
As a Comp. Graphics teacher, I use SUIT to teach user interface concepts
on DOS and UNIX (LINUX too) machines.

I haven't yet installed PYTHON+SUIT in the UNIX machines, but that should
be easy.

I managed to build PYTHON 1.0.1 with SUIT for DOS (with DJGPP stuff --
GO32 1.11m4, GRX 1.03m1, GCC 2.5.7 and so on)

I had to made all the makefile changes by hand, but it works fine.
I also did some small changes to some of the .c files (I remember
posixmodule.c and 2 or 3 more by adding #ifdef GO32/#endif directives).
I also added some more modules like posix, rotor, etc.

As mantainer of machine, which has an anonymous ftp
account, I soon will put this PYTHON version available there (we already
have DJGPP, SRGP, SUIT and many others). For the moment it's down due to

If you want, I can send you the changed files and the makefiles (and
instructions too). I'll try to send to Guido.

Please tell me if you are interested.

Regards and keep the nice work!
Antonio Costa.
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