Re: Internal Objects: method vs function/procedure vs both
Sat, 2 Apr 1994 01:50:10 +1000

>From gary Sat Apr 2 01:14:27 1994
Date: Sat, 02 Apr 1994 01:02:39 +1000
From: (Gary Capell)
Subject: python suggestion

1. Sorry if this is the wrong channel for suggestions/frequently offered

Please include some of the features of rc (Plan 9 shell):

whatis fnname will print the current definition of fnname, so
I can edit it onscreen, or paste it to a file.

can define a prompt to have NO effect as input
This is handy for when I'm editing a function onscreen,
and want to quickly send the whole block to the interpreter.
I currently define ps1 and ps2 to be '', but this could
become confusing. I would like at least one character to
be completely ignored by the interpreter.

The first suggestion should be useful for everyone, the second would
only be useful for people using terminals where all text on the terminal
is editable (Plan 9, or for Unix, 9term (mail
for info on this terminal, you will never look back ;-) )

Thanks for your time, thanks for python (thank God I never have to
learn perl, one look was enough ).