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Membership Application for Nominated Member

To be eligible for membership in the Python Software Foundation as a nominated member, a person must be nominated by a current member of the corporation. A nominated member will be admitted upon receipt of this completed application and a majority vote of the existing members of the corporation. See the PSF Membership FAQ for details.

Name: ___________________________________________________

Email: __________________________________________________

Affiliation: ____________________________________________ (optional)

Postal address: _________________________________________



Phone number: ___________________________________________

Fax number: _____________________________________________

Signature: ______________________________________________

Send this application to the PSF in one of the following ways:

  • by mail:

    Python Software Foundation
    9450 SW Gemini Dr.
    ECM# 90772
    Beaverton, OR 97008
  • by fax: +1 858 712 8966

  • by email: send a photo or scan of the signed form to